Dinner for One!

Dinner for One

Dinner for One

The Stone Wave makes cooking for one so much easier without food waste! We often see that when we cook for only one, we often make too much food and then either eat too much or throw away the rest! Well there are recipes that you can make in your Stone Wave, with the right portion size and no food waste!!

5 Minute Micro Wave Recipe Book

micro wave cooker recipes

The Stone Wave micro wave cooker is all about fast, easy meals that also taste good! That’s why every Stone Wave comes complete with a 5 Minute Recipe book! You will learn how to make perfect poached eggs, chocolate souffle, fresh french onion soup and so much more! These meals could not be easier to make.  And best of all, you can fit multiple Stone Waves in the microwave at one time, so everyone’s meals are ready at the same time!