5 Minute Micro Wave Recipe Book

micro wave cooker recipes

The Stone Wave micro wave cooker is all about fast, easy meals that also taste good! That’s why every Stone Wave comes complete with a 5 Minute Recipe book! You will learn how to make perfect poached eggs, chocolate souffle, fresh french onion soup and so much more! These meals could not be easier to make.  And best of all, you can fit multiple Stone Waves in the microwave at one time, so everyone’s meals are ready at the same time!

14 thoughts on “5 Minute Micro Wave Recipe Book

  1. I cook poached egg in mine. Rinse inside with water, pour water out leaving wet. Break egg into it. Cover and microwave on high 21 seconds. Rest 21 seconds and then microwave 21 more seconds on high. Perfect poached egg and it slips right out of the pot onto plate.

  2. Yes, I would like to know too if there is a cook book just for this cooker? Not much of a cookbook came with these ubits.

    • I would like to have a cook book with more recipes for my Stone Wave. I received my order and am happy to get them. However, there are only a few recipes in the cook book sent. Do you have more recipes to send. Thank you. Eleanor Morris

      • Hi Elanor,
        If you look at our Facebook page there are many fans that post recipes they’ve made in the Stone Wave. We also continually post different recipes on this blog and our Facebook page so you can check there for different posted recipes! Hope this helps:)

  3. I want a recipe book! Not interested in Facebook page. I thought an actual book came with the cooker. Very disappointing!

  4. I have tried to print out some of the recipes– I need two copies of each– and some of them I can never print out. The recipe is superimposed over some other page of printing (and picture) and it just won’t print.

  5. I just bought my Stone Wave at the store, brought it home – NO RECIPE BOOK!! re the original recipes posted on line someplace?

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